Complete you're living space with this charming handmade wooden sleeper coffee table. 

Handcrafted from chunky kiln-dried European pine timber, this coffee table features a recessed step in area which can be filled with decrotive items such as stones, candles & other knick-knacks - just perfect setting for the home environement. Created to be a centerpiece in any room, this unit will be bursting out the seems with natural character with the simplicity of the design while using rustic natural materials. 

This wonderful new coffee table will come complete with a Warm Oak Satin varnish as found within the images, having ATLEAST a 20cm width centre gap, arriving fully assembled on delivery & also featuring adjustable feet ensuring to sit flat on any surface. 

Dimensions of the coffee table in images
Height: 30CM
Length: 100CM
Width: 60CM
Finish/Stain: Warm Oak Satin


We can fabricate units to all shapes, sizes & colours, if you have not found the right size you’re looking for – please get in touch to build your very own bespoke unit(s).


We look forward to hearing from you.

The EcoTone Team

Handmade Chunky Wooden Rail-Way Sleeper Coffee Table