FAO Nikki. 

This purchase is for the custom hand-made rail-way sleeper dining table as we have been discussing over a series of messages. 

To be built and designed exactly as shown within the picture above, your new dining table will come complete with the wonderfully coloured design on the tabletop featuring colours such as Blues, Reds, Whites & finished with the Warm Oak primary base colour. Once the tabletop is complete, the purchase will come with the equally beautiful black hair-pin legs as shown within the images. This does arrive de-assembled and once in home the legs do need attaching which is done by simply a few screws each leg which are already pre-marked. 

Please expect around 6 weeks for delivery from point of order, this is something that's always changing although we will be in touch throughout the process if any changes and with updates whenever possible. 

Thanks so much Nikki, looking forward to providing you further updates in due course. 

FAO Nikki - Custom Hand-Made Rail-Way Sleeper Dining Table - Coloured