FAO Terry. 

This purchase is for the custom 2-piece living room set that we have been discussing. 

Build includes bespoke TV unit as seen pictured (Cupboard to the right) & coffee table which are both constructed using all the same carpentry techniques & materials - Oak sleeper. 

TV unit - Designed similar to the attached image although features the cupboard to the right (opposite to what is pictured). Full specification: 180cm Length x 50cm Height x 40cm Depth. 

Coffee Table - Designed as per our original design on the website and built with all the same techniques as above TV unit. Full specification: 160 Length x 140cm Width x 40cm Height. 

Both items to feature the same neutral clear finish. Clear Satin Lacquer. Also features small adjustable feet on all pieces to ensure to sit perfectly within its new home.

LEAD TIME: 4-5 weeks

FAO Terry - Custom Hand-Made - 2 Piece Living Room Set