FAO Will. 

This purchase is for the custom hand-made shaker style bathroom vanity unit we have been discussing over both emails and phone conversations. 

To be built to our normal size which will include the basin shown within all the imagery, the new unit will measure 85cm Height from floor to top of the sink, 80cm Width (sink itself which then the unit will be slightly smaller due to overhang) & approx 42cm Depth. Finishing will be done in a Farrow & Ball paint although as discussed and different from the imagery, we are to finish in Stone Blue No. 86. 

The vanity unit is built as standard with an 80mm recess which will house the majority of your pipework. As discussed there is a small sticking point with the pipework coming from the floor within your home. Nothing to worry as discussed, the unit does have approx 100mm floor space void where the majority of the pipe sticking up will be based although will need a hole drilling to allow to feed through. I will supply some extra paint so once the amendments done to the unit floor and backboard if needed, you can touch up with paint. 

PLEASE NOTE, this is a hand-made item, they may be a slight tolerance with sizing and although we do create the above, please be aware timber is a natural item which no pieces are the same so may need extra machining etc which can from time to time result in a slight tolerance in size. I say this as I ask you do not make any adjustments for the item to arrive until it arrives, this way you can make sure to get the perfect fit. 

The unit includes adjustable feet which will help with the slope. 

I believe I have highlighted all the important features above, if anything else comes to mind while reading this, I would just ask you to complete payment and follow up with an email to add anything further. 

Thanks so much, glad we was able to finalize all this for you. 

FAO Willl - Custom Hand-Made Shaker Style Bathroom Vanity Unit