Needing the perfect piece of Oak for your next project? Here we have for sale some Green Oak sleepers which can be cut, sanded & routered to size.

These natural, untreated oak sleepers/beams measure 20cm width x 10cm height and come available in individual sizes from 30cm – 150cm in length. Your sleepers are optional to be sanded & routed or left completely untouched, please spend some time looking through the images to find the different example types of finishing.

We also have ‘Sleeper Character’ split in to 2 sections with an option to opt for rustic grade sleeper or natural. We refer to rustic as having a wavey feature edge, bark on the corners & more unique characteristics such as knots, cracks & splits compared to natural being 4 straight cornered edges.  Please refer to the last image shown for more detail.

These Sleepers Are Perfect For:

- Flower Beds
- Vegetable Beds
- Raised Beds
- Landscaping
- Decking
- Edges & Borders
- Furniture

Thinking about it, the possibilities are endless!

The sleepers we advertise in this listing are GREEN OAK, this means as the wood ages you may find movement in the piece causing splits & cracks. This is completely natural behaviour in fresh sawn wood as it adjusts in changing seasons, warmer weather or with indoor temperatures. Please note, each sleeper will differ as they come with their own unique characteristics including knots, cracks & splits.

Please allow a 5% tolerance with the dimensions of each sleeper, due to their rough sawn nature you may find them not to be all 100% identical.

Length: 30cm – 150cm
Width: 20cm
Height: 10cm

Any Questions? Please pose, we have experts on hand who will be happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.
The EcoTone Team

Hardwood Green Oak Sleepers - Cut, Sanded & Routered To Size | Wooden Beams