Here at EcoTone, we create lots of wonderful and unique items that have been built entirely by hand. Being hand-made we can custom build any furniture to your size, colour & overall specification. If you have not found the right unit, we can always build something from scratch. Get in touch and get a quote today for your bespoke build.

Why Build Bespoke?


Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Colour & Design

Create a piece of furniture that is unique to your home. Here at EcoTone, we understand not all homes are the same so not only do we offer a range of colours & design but we can custom make any furniture or ideas you have in mind. 


Made To Measure & Built To Your Specification

Make the most of your space by ordering our items at just the size that is needed. Not only can we help with the designing of the item but we will send you a CAD drawing once the specification has been confirmed so you know exactly what to expect.


Every item Constructed Is Unique

Why settle for ordinary furniture with many others having exactly the same product? Building bespoke stops this, not only will you have an item that fits perfectly in your home, you know others are unable to go pick this up off the shop shelves. 

Custom Design

Can't see what you're looking for or found one of our designs with the wrong specification? Please get in touch today for us to discuss this further or use the get a quote button below where you can send a message directly to one of our experts.