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Coffee Table Accessories

Our furniture is
hand-crafted to stand the test of time.

You may have noticed, we love wood! The majority of our products are built entirely or part with wood/timber. Luckily for us, wood does keep rather well throughout the item's lifetime and requires little care if you want it to continue looking it's best.

Routine Care - Do's & Dont's

To keep your item looking at it's best, we have formed some key pointers below which we would advise on following for routine care.

  • If required, use coasters, placemats and table clothes to protect the finish and risk of damage

  • To clean, A light dust with a dry, soft cotton cloth is suitable for day-to-day cleaning on the surfaces

  • Clean up spills immediately with a damp cloth

  • Be careful not to drag objects across finished surfaces, although in our opinion - this does add a little character. 

  • Use protective felt on the feet or bases of objects placed on the surface to prevent scratching

  • Re-treat waxed or oiled furniture periodically - details will be provided at the point of purchase

  • Do not place furniture in direct sunlight as this can cause the finish to fade

  • Do not place furniture next to heaters, radiators or vents as this may cause the item to move dramatically.

Remember! Wood is a natural product and is very much susceptible to movement and climatic issues, including the level of moisture, humanity and seasonal changes. Please do expect your item to move slightly after owning this for a longer period, this is completely natural and if anything adds to the wonderful rustic appearance.

To ensure the long-lasting life span, please ensure the item is kept to indoor humidity levels between 35% & 45% while avoiding direct heat. For example, sunlight from windows or near other heat sources such as stoves or radiators. If exposed, this is likely to cause more movement than usual. 

Expect Wood Movement

Furniture Not Sitting Stright

Rocking of sitting furniture is usually caused by floor roughness or being sat on an un-even surface. In this case, you can use felt glides to balance out or if happening with our wooden legs furniture, you will find we have little feet on each corner leg which can be adjusted. 

Not found what you're looking for or having a question relating to the care of your new item? Please get in touch via our contact page and we will have an expert on hand to assist.

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