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Oak Timber Varieties

"The Earth is what we all have in common"

The quote attributed to Wendell Berry was based around the whole start-up of the business and particularly the use of timber - a natural resource. We had an aim to not only provide wonderful quality furniture that lasts generations but only use materials from sustainable sources and do our bit for the planet around us. 

Keeping sustainable we offer two types of timber - Solid Pine & Solid European Oak, both of which are FSC which ensures sustainable forest management. This guarantees that the forest is managed sustainably with the protection of its wellbeing and economically beneficial to local communities. 


Characterful Oak

Defined by its beautiful character & imperfections, characterful oak is by far a favorite choice with our customers. The lovely character will shine through where you will find natural occurrences like knots and fine cracks which provide the lovely appearance and what you would expect to find in real solid wood.  

Perfect for those individuals looking to add character to their next piece or looking for individuality. 


Prime Oak

A little more recommended for the modernized home. Here we have Prime Oak which is considered a cleaner, more contemporary appearance with minimal knots and wood variations. 

We would advise this if going for a more polished finish or trying to stay away from the rustic appearance. Prime Oak is an upgrade which means all our timber is filtered through to find the best grade if opted for.  


Live Edge Oak

Live Edge (also known as Waney Edge) makes for the most stunning and natural furniture due to its unique appearance and keeping the natural edge of the tree running along the length of each board. Live Edge comes in all shapes, sizes and specifications making a truly unique end product.

Perfect for those looking for individual pieces while having bags of natural character and charm.

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