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Choose from our selection of Varnish/Lacquer, Wood Wax & Wood Oils.

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Definitely our most popular Wood Stain range, this wonderful set of varnishes provides a Satin finish (None-Glossy) and leaves a lovely warmth to the grain while leaving a clear, smooth and professional finish.

Great for the family home as very little maintenance is required while spills/knocks are easily cleanable.

Wood Oils

Now perhaps our most intense colour range, here we have Osmo Wood Oils which is available on all our furniture. Arguably the most durable finish here, this not only leaves a wonderful colour stain but will ensure protection throughout the items lifetime and requires hardly any maintenance. 

Truly perfect for any home as this fits in all environments while having the added benefit of little maintenance, water protected & being incredibly hard-wearing.



Wood Wax

More Wax Finishes - New To 2020


By far the most characterful finish, here we have 14 charming wood wax options to choose from. Extremely characterful, this finish is great for those looking for a more rustic/character feel as this highlights all the natural characteristics in wood such as knots, smaller splits & slight cracks etc. 

Wax does require some maintenance especially for those pieces that are used more - e.g coffee table and could be finding a restain is needed up to every 12 months.

Not quite found what you're looking for? Did you know we do offer a bespoke service so if you have any ideas on prefered finishes we can happily incorporate this within the project? Please do just contact us below to discuss. 

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