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Chunky Oak Sleeper Coffee Table With Wax Finish

Chunky Oak Sleeper Coffee Table With Wax Finish



Inspired by rustic heritage, here we have an extremely characterful hand-crafted solid oak sleeper coffee table.

Crafted using traditional carpentry methods, this wonderful example of craftsmanship has been constructed using chunky Oak sleepers while featuring a lovely rustic wax finish. Constructed completely by hand, each unit is hand-crafted and tailored to suit all your requirements with the right size and perfect wood wax stain to match.

Keeping true to the design and having as much natural character as possible, we enhance the oak with a wax finish of your choosing. This highlights all the natural characteristics in oak as seen within the images while ensuring a perfectly smooth surface & being great protection throughout the item's lifetime. A small amount of maintenance is required with any wax furniture which for the higher usage products, we would suggest can need touching up to every 12 months. 

The table within the photographs is finished in Old Pine

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